Max Levels Elite is a 501c-3 non-profit basketball organization based in Dallas, Texas endorsed by the NBA Philadelphia 76ers player, Tyrese Maxey. Max Level Elite aims to provide an elite basketball program to create exposure for high school age teams for potential collegiate and professional recruitment. By providing the necessary resources, Max Level Elite overall goal is to create an exemplary program for elite players at no-cost who desire to be better prepared for high school and college level basketball. We believe that basketball can provide an opportunity for some to play at the college or professional level but believe that education, hard work, and a “Day by Day” mindset is key to each student athlete’s success. 

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"I grew up in Central Virginia where I first gained my love for basketball.  I first started playing organized Basketball in the local city leagues in my hometown at the age of 13. Through basketball I learned that Loyalty, Endurance, Consistency, Dedication, Hard work were all characteristics that would carry me through life on and off the court.  After having a great HS career and setting multiple records at my High School with multiple games of 20 rebounds; a school record at the time, 42 points in a game which still stands. My collegiate career was cut short due to a snowboarding injury that left my jumping foot unable to hold up to the wear and tear of playing the game that I learned to love at a high level.  

In 2008 I relocated to the DFW area with my wife and two kids.  My son was 6 and daughter 3 years old. I wanted to pass my love of all sports to my children, as I felt like sports were an essential part of my life growing up and life lessons were learned throughout the years. So I signed him up for a recreational league in the city, exactly like I got my start in organized basketball.  My only concern was the politics that I watched in youth sports, so I decided that I'd coach the 8U team and I vowed to never be political and make sure that I always gave every kid an opportunity, regardless of their life circumstances.  I only cared about rolling the ball out, teaching and developing. Through the local city league I met people who would introduce me to the select basketball scene in DFW. 

I've blessed to work with a lot of high level talent over the last 13 years. It has provided me the opportunity to be part of multiple AAU National Championships, Multiple Travel Circuits including the prestigious Nike Elite Youth Basketball League for 10 years. The Nike Platform led to me be able to be part of multiple USA Basketball, Jordan Brand, Nike Hoop Summit, NBA TOP 100, PANGOS All American camps and combines. Where I have had the ability to coach and surround myself with some of the highest level basketball minds in the country. One of my favorite settings was when I had the opportunity to coach on ESPN TV  in the Elite 8 in Las Vegas,  the Grandfather of all High School Summer events sponsored by Jordan Brand! 

Through the last 13 years I've been blessed enough to impact the lives of the players that I've coached in a positive way on and off the court. I've been blessed with over 50 players that have continued to play at the next level  D1 to Junior College opportunities as well as the NBA and Euro Leagues. My love for the game will always be based on Loyalty, Endurance, Consistency, Dedication, and Hard Work.  Giving back to youth comes natural and is a ministry for me. With God's grace and Mercy I'll continue to be able to follow my passion for the rest of my life in a capacity that can impact our youth, as our youth are our future. My motto has always been Family Over Everything, Blood makes us related, Loyalty makes us Family!"